at the moment

Performing solo online in "Brief Moment of Solidarity in a World that's Gone Mad" March 29, an Andrew Morrish performance project for 2024.

Arranging several VIDARE duet performances in Västra Götalandsregionen and Göteborg fall -24.

Planning for a possible and exclusive VARIA2025 at Atalante, Göteborg Sweden, figures both in thought and on the desk.

Working with still and moving images for upcoming exhibitions etc.

Part of Open Art work, Örebro -22, photo Lisa Larsdotter Petersson.                                                 Biotop No1, Photo Larsdotter/Wartel                                                 VIDARE Act 2, Wartel/Larsdotter, Photo Hanna Tolf

passed but close in time

VIDARE Act 2, duet performance with Henrik Wartel Högsbo Church, Göteborg -24.

Video-work "rapture reconsider reveal", Folk, Kultur/Mer Dans åt Folket, Lokomotivet Eskilstuna -24.

Biotop No1, duet performance Expro Stage in Göteborg -23.

Duet work/practice with sound-artist Richard Widerberg & drummer Henrik Wartel -23.

Short-cut/video Lisa & Lisa/Richard, short-cut sound Lisa & Richard, short-cut/video Lisa & Henrik.

Exhibition at Spot-Light Galleri 54, Göteborg -23.

Solo performance, Drömmarnas monument/Bubblan, Göteborg -23.

Solo performances, Dance Remainings/International Day of Dance, Götaplatsen Göteborg -23.

Solo & duet performance in Atalante residency, Cinnober Teater Göteborg -23.

APRILIMPROVISATIONER duet performance, Vitlycke centre for Performing Arts,Tanum -23.

Exhibition at Nemeshallen, Mölnlycke -23.

Performance at Bubblan, Göteborg -23.

Performance at 13 Festivalen, Konstepidemin Göteborg -23.

Exchange, residency, showings etc., Göteborg, Tanum etc. -23.

Updates can be expected here, and/or at gallery, stage, studio.